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About Bariatrix

How do I order Bariatrix Products? The popularity of Bariatrix Products to manage your weight loss is due to the proven ability of Bariatrix Nutrition to create great taste in a protein-rich product. Bariatrix Products are not sold in stores and are only available through a medically licensed professional or as part of Dr. Padla's weight reduction program.

The Bariatrix line of products contains all of the products you are familiar with that are offered by companies such as Slim-Fast or Jenny Craig. There are protein bars, puddings, shakes, meal replacements, smoothies, microwaveable soups and meals, and drinks. Bariatrix products are sold under brand names of Proti Max, Proti 15 and VHP.

Bariatrix products are only sold through Doctors' offices and
as part of Dr. Padla's weight reduction program.

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To find products from our online store that are equal to Bariatrix, simply enter "Bariatrix" into the search box on our website.

Or, browse our Products Pages to view all our great tasting, high protein, weight loss products that are so helpful in managing your weight loss program.

Bariatrix Nutrition has been the leader in the field of protein rich food and supplements for medically supervised weight loss programs since 1978. Bariatrix products are all based on sound food science and have been developed by a cross-disciplinary team of biochemists, food engineers and scientists – all dedicated to creating great tasting functional food.

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